Joshua Meyer: A Brave American Painter

Joshua Meyer "And the love that loves the love that loves to love" oil on canvas, 35 x 46 inches

“Great art is not about technical mastery, it is about exploration and discovery,” said the modern great American painter, Joshua Meyer, in a 2002 interview with Jodi Werner for  Art breathes, beats, bangs in the act of exploring, discovery, and doing. Great art happens when an artist is brave enough to trust the process and just go with it! As humans, we are all creative beings if we can be brave enough to be free–free to mess up, try out new things, face the unknown, explore and discover what it means to be alive. Meyer is brave enough to be free. He gave up the comfort of paint brushes when he got just too good and, in his own words, boring. Now Meyer paints with knives–a whole new language for him to explore. Please take time to check out his work at Peace and nothing but the Sweetest Thoughts, Valerie

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